Vince Vijsma, bemoeial
   design and (un)requested advice

Dear visitor, welcome to my website,

A selection of my work is available on this site.
I work in a broad field of design: graphic, product, interior, architectural, public space, animation/film and free work.

In addition to my studio work, I am/was teaching design at the Technical University in Delft, and Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, am co-founder of, a company which converts classic cars into electric vehicles and art-director of Floww, a company which deals with health and electro magnetic radiation.

I have categorized the projects in themes/subjects, rather than in (design-) disciplines, as this is closer to my way of working: I cooperate with specialists with whom I share a fascination.
At times this is just to generate concepts, at other times to design, produce, and market a final product.

Please feel free to contact me for questions and comments, orders or a request for additional information, C.V. or collaboration.