Babuschka, therapeutic aid
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The Babuschka is an object that can be used in therapy, trainings and coaching settings.

The Babuschka consists of four layers of hand blown crystal glass, in the shape of the well known wooden russian babuschka's. Like a doctor uses the buste with the extractable organs, (liver, lungs, heart, etc.) to illuminate his consult, a therapist can use the Babuschka to illustrate the therapy process. A client can write or draw on the glass during sessions, with whiteboard markers to identify oneself with the object and deepen the therapy process.

The Babuschka can be used in multiple ways, in a broad range of settings, with a variety of populations and in different forms of therapy; from cognitive therapy, ACT, mindfulness, to aura therapy etc. Each therapist, trainer or coach can use it in their own way, according to their own view, theory and philosophy, and to what fits them and their client best. The image of the Babuschka illustrates a human being surrounded, identified and at one with the layers of conditioning that has been build through his or her life.

In cooperation with Britta Burgert, psychotherapist.

For my company Tools for Therapy.
Tools for Therapy develops objects that can be used in therapy, trainings and coaching settings. The aim of these objects is to support the therapy process and enhance understanding and insight.

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