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Supporting the waist, the LoveSupport provides action and stability for both disabled and non-disabled lovers. It relieves the body weight, and makes different positions and movements easier.

Born out of the fascination of the changing times, regarding elderly people, the elderly people who were raised after the sexual revolution are likely to have a complete different lifestyle and view on sexuality. This product deals with physical disabilities and acts as a 'conversation piece ' for this sometimes delicate subject.

The Dutch Council of the Disabled indicated different disabilities for which the product can be helpful:

*Spinal injury,
*Osteogenesis imperfecta
*Post-traumatic dystrophy
*Amputated legs
*Back problems
*Cystic fibrosis
*Multiple sclerosis
*Rheumatic diseases
*People using a stoma
*Muscle spasm

The product was awarded an honorable mention, at the Kittz Innovation Prize '99
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